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To us, integrity is much more than a simple buzzword. It is a way of doing business, from the top to the bottom of our great organization. To see the difference for yourself, simply contact us and we'll show you just what you've been missing all along!

Seattle Coach Bus
Vehicle Rental Services
For Seattle, Washington
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P: (206) 923-9898


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All you've got to do is to contact us and we'll be able to give you all the pertinent details.

We can tell you here that there is a minimum deposit required in order to facilitate a reservation.

All of our vehicles are no smoking at any time. We do this to preserve the vehicles beautiful condition, so that all of our clientele can fully enjoy each trip.

All reservations must be made with a debit or credit card. However we do accept all forms of cash/credit for payments.

Since our availability changes often, and as we have a limited quantity of vehicles, you're going to want to reserve our services as soon as you have all of the details for your trip figured out. You can reserve up to the day of your run, but you really run a high risk of not being able to secure the vehicle you want by waiting too long.

Yes! You are more than welcome to drink on any of our Limousines or Limo Coaches. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons we find that people rent this type of vehicle from us.

Due to our excellent airport service notification system, we are able to adjust our arrival based on your flight number... provided we have it.

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