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To us, integrity is much more than a simple buzzword. It is a way of doing business, from the top to the bottom of our great organization. To see the difference for yourself, simply contact us and we'll show you just what you've been missing all along!

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Seattle Coach Bus Pricing Policies

You'll find our pricing fair and reasonable.

As you might expect, our pricing structure varies based on the services we provide as well as the area. In order to ascertain how your pricing will be figured, you can read on below:

For our airport drop off and pick up services we charge a flat rate which is based on your pick up or drop off location. Just call us for details on this. Our other corporate and executive services are charged a flat hourly rate. This rate does fluctuate and we'll explain why below. Finally, our limousine service and limo coach services are also chargeable by the hour with the added caveat of having a minimum time requirement when making a reservation. All reservations require a deposit, and if you'd like to inquire about our pricing, we welcome you to call us at any time!

In a cost driven business which relies so highly on outside costs to keep our business going, we often adjust our rates based our our costs and expenses in order to give the best possible price at any give point in time. Supply and demand also plays a factor because when we are at our highest demand seasons and days, our costs are also at their highest due to staffing as well as maintenance expenses. So, if you're interested in booking with us, we urge you to give us a call or send us a quick email to inquire about our service rates for the date of your event or flight. If you're in need or more price shopping we recommend Columbus Limousine Service and Rochester NY Limo.
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